Venue Owner

I'm a Venue Owner

I cannot reach the landing page.

I get to the landing page but can’t log in: User name and / or password is invalid.

I do not have the option to select Complimentary Access

Slow speed

User already logged on

The SSID says failed to Obtain IP address?

I get an error that says, “Invalid Username and Password”?

I am using complimentary access and I get an error saying I am already logged in?

I have used up my Complimentary Access, what do I do now?

Why can I not see the SSID?

I cannot see Complimentary access?

I am not getting an OTP?

Why is my landing page not loading?

The landing page is loading slowly?

Roaming Partners are not showing? Why?

If I click/select a Service Provider it redirects me back to the VAST Portal?


VAST Helpdesk

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