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Keeping SA connected on the move
  • VAST Networks services major transport hubs across South Africa providing uninterrupted, world-class connectivity to millions of travellers.
  • Travellers enjoy access to a user-friendly platform where they can source news, travel schedule updates, venue-related information and promotions that are useful and timely.  
A real-time view of your operations
  • Our platform enables you to analyse the traveller journey - from start to end.
  • It facilities efficient Identification of delays, disruptions and other operational impediments.
  • This information helps resolve system, process and resource challenges in real-time.
Knowing your travellers
  • You can obtain a more informed view of traveller dwell times, behaviours and volume-based trends.
  • Surveys can be conducted to understand the traveller experience, challenges and changing needs.
  • These insights support personalised marketing outreach, are valuable in driving business decisions and helpful in determining any areas of underperformance. 
  • The insights also assist in mapping out future needs.
Empowering retailers with customer insights
  • Traveller data can be shared with retailers to enhance customer insights and assist in making more informed decisions to help boost sales.
  • User behaviour data, specifically, can be used to increase dwell-times and drive sales.
A recap of how we can help you… 

  • Venue owners can obtain an in-depth understanding of traveller preferences, behaviours, challenges and needs.
  • Rich data augments operational efficiencies, supports sales objectives and targeted marketing campaigns.
  • This data can also help predict future traffic patterns and proactively manage possible disruptions.
  • The traveller experience can be substantially enhanced, driving repeat patronage.     

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