High Density Residential

Connecting users to the virtual world
  • South Africans are spending more time online consuming news, current affairs and social content as well as accessing entertainment (movies, games, etc.). 
  • They are looking for connected homes and increasingly demanding secure, high-speed, uninterrupted, affordable connectivity. 
  • VAST Networks is addressing this need by providing high-density residential areas - from high-rise buildings to township communities - across South Africa with pervasive internet connectivity. 
Giving landlords the competitive advantage
  • Our solution is specifically designed to cater to the high traffic volumes in MDU’s to ensure consistent connections for every user and device. 
  • MDU’s with connectivity are more appealing, contributing to higher occupancies. 
  • We enable landlords to provide residents with an affordable option to access high-speed, ubiquitous connectivity. 
  • Connectivity opens up an additional revenue stream for landlords who can become primary resellers through our fully, white labelled vouchering solution.

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