Marketing & Retention

Marketing & Retention

Marketing & Retention

VAST offers mobile media and proximity marketing solutions that enable brands to meaningfully engage with an enormous African consumer base, while providing consumers with localised relevance at their fingertips. We are able to communicate return on investment to brands with a suite of tools that drive measurable sales in store.

Free-to-surf portal

In collaboration with proximity performance digital agency, Thumbtribe, VAST have developed a platform that offers a free version of the web and complimentary wifi access based on data or time limits that is supported by advertising. 

Freely accessible at over 2500 hotspots spanning everything from bustling malls and passenger terminals, to restaurants and hospitals, the curated web portal gives users access to relevant deals and rewards, breaking news, sport, weather, entertainment, food, fashion and more. 

Direct till point integrations

The platform allows brands to measure sales performance from these advertising initiatives at the point of sale through direct till point integrations with Spar, Pick n Pay, Boxer and third party integrations into Shoprite, Checkers and Dischem. 

This allows marketers to gain a rich understanding of the consumer, and to influence and affirm the shopper at critical touch points and micro moments along their consumer journey. 

Brands can connect with users in the right channel, at the right time, with the right content in the right context.

Meaningful, measurable sales

Consumers, regardless of device type, can be targeted with relevant location-based, volume-based, time-based or behaviour-based deals, rewards and advertising. 

The beauty of this disruption is its measurability. We are able to offer brands a solution based on the quantity of sale that they want to drive. We are then able to target the consumer with a specific message and trackable code as they enter a supported retailer. On redeeming the reward or coupon, we are able to prove purchase at the point of sale and update the user’s purchase profile accordingly.
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