Insights & Analytics

Insights & Analytics

Actionable insights into customer behaviour
Visitor trends
Customer Loyalty
User Demographics
Make informed decisions around your physical spaces
Business process optimisation and efficiencies
Loxion's presence analytics bridges the gap between digital users and the real world, offering real time data and reporting using VAST's WiFi technology. It’s like how cookies track user browsing online within your website.

By understanding patterns such as foot traffic by time of day and how the capture rate varies across different sites, non-IT departments, such as marketing and business intelligence teams, can gain insights and answer questions such as is my new marketing campaign at site A working based on the foot traffic numbers or do I need to staff more people at site B during peak hours.  

While Loxion by VAST runs computations in real time to calculate the various client states, our Dashboard displays it via intuitive graphics and visual representations for engagement, and loyalty metrics. Some of these toggled between simple and complex views or have a simple dashboard highlight item.

You may be able to view as granular as one day (which can show how foot traffic varies and peaks during a certain day) or as wide as several weeks (which can show seasonal fluctuations). Please contact your VAST account manager to explore the different permutations available.
With Loxion’s demographics module, you gain valuable insight to gender, age and other important metrics such as type of devices and personal interest categories. Incorporate these insights into your everyday decision matrix to optimise and target your real world marketing activities.  

Loxion can be configured to provide an individual store a view, a regional manager a geographic view or even the HQ user segmented views across multiples sites or metrics. This in turns provides your organisation with powerful comparative analysis tools.
What Loxion Offers:

Detect total client visits
Analyze and optimize window conversion
Optimize staffing by time of day
Analyze visitor visit durations and repeat frequency
Gain demographic insights
Compare across sites or take averages for sets of sites to understand below or above-average store foot traffic, dwell-time and repeat frequency 
Correlate Loxion’s location analytics data with other data sources you have such website traffic analysis for 360-degree view of user presence, devices and online behavior.
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