Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Centres

Connecting for care
  • VAST Networks services major hospitals, clinics and medical centres across South Africa, providing ubiquitous, high-speed Wi-Fi access to staff, patients and visitors.
  • With ageing infrastructure being a significant challenge across many of these facilities, our network is ideally designed to navigate these challenges and deliver world-class connectivity.  
Seamless connectivity enhancing patient care
  • The value of being able to access vital patient information online (especially in emergency situations) is immeasurable when making patient treatment decisions. 
  • High-speed access also means that patient registration, medical aid approvals and treatment authentication, can occur timeously.
  • Wi-Fi access enables patients to access entertainment and remain in contact with their loved ones. 
Driving facility efficiencies
  • Being able to effectively track resources, equipment and consumables in real-time can be a significant game-changer for patient care and cost management. 
  • Gauging the patient experience via survey tools helps identify areas of under-performance and understand aspects contributing to patient dissatisfaction.
  • Safeguarding sensitive patient information remains a major focus and a secure connection is immensely valuable in protecting patient data. 
A recap of how we can help you…
  • Keep patients entertained and in contact with their loved ones. 
  • Access critical, patient information in real-time to support informed care decisions. 
  • Access a secure connection, safeguarding sensitive patient information. 
  • Gauge patient satisfaction and address identified challenges.  
  • Track resources, equipment and consumables in real-time. 

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