WiFi for Your Business

Venue Types


Convert first time visitors into repeat guests, learn what your guest demographics are, build and launch visitor surveys, captivate guests with WiFi marketing for hospitality, cross promote your new locations or Publicise your events to highly engaged people.

Transform new customers into repeat customers,  know who your customers are with WiFi marketing,  execute customer surveys, engage customers with digital marketing or cross promote your restaurants.

Ubiquitous hospital WiFi is an infrastructure that has become a necessity in modern hospitals as an increasing number of services rely on secure connectivity. Internet connectivity has become a service that hospital staff, patients and visitors expect and depend on both personally and professionally.
Shopping Centres

Collect and monetise your shopper data with WiFi marketing for shopping malls. Provide value to your retailers with a self-serve digital platform to re-target the right shopper audiences at the right time. Analyse the ROI of each campaign by allowing your retailers target the right shopper group across digital advertising channels.

Utilize your existing wireless infrastructure to analyze the entire journey of the passengers from curb-to-gate and gate-to-curb. Visualize passenger flow from check-in to security to retail to gates and from gates to immigration to customs to exit.

Whether it’s student or low LSM housing, luxury apartment complexes, assisted living or other properties, your residents expect more. They no longer see you as just the landlord, they want you to be their network service provider too.

What needs are addressed by WiFi

Consumer Needs

List of Services

  • Shopping

    80% of shoppers said the availability of Wi-Fi influences where they shop

  • Access

    68% of South Africans use the internet through exclusively on mobile devices

  • Hotspots

    In 2017 40% of South Africans are expected to utilise Wi-Fi hotspots

  • Speed

    60% of users stated that speed is the most important requirement of WiFi Networks

Business Needs

List of Services

  • Measure

    Measure trends within your business

  • Efficiency

    Increase your efficiency and plan accurately

  • Dialogue

    Form ongoing dialogue with relevant messages

  • Loyalty

    Develop iterative relationships fostering loyalty

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