WiFi User

I'm a Free WiFi-User

How do I connect to the VAST network and use the Free WiFi?

What do I do on my second/next visit(s) to a VAST WiFi Zone? Do I need to register again?

Does registering cost anything?

Do I need to register at different VAST WiFi Zones?

Must I use the one time pin that I received on the device on which I received the SMS?

Why am I unable to connect to "VenueName@VAST"?

What is WiFi?

What does Free WiFi Service offer?

What is a WiFi Zone?

Is WiFi different from venue to venue?

What do I need to use VAST WiFi?

Where can I use @VAST WiFi?

Can I use any WiFi hotspot to connect to VAST WiFi?

How do I add additional devices?

How do I know that WiFi is active on my device?

How secure is VAST WiFi?

What WiFi standard does VAST WiFi support

What is an SSID?

Does VAST WiFi work with all Operating Systems?

What are the WiFi connection settings?

My device cannot find the “VenueName@VAST” network (SSID)

Why is my connection slow?

I can normally sign in at one particular VAST WiFi Zone but today it's not working, why not?

After I've connected, I keep getting a message like "Page not available" or "Page not found". What does this mean?

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